goods for world changers raising world changers

Whole Mother Co is a fun give-back mom shop that includes you, the busy mama, in making an impact with your purchases. Your partnership raises money, promotes awareness, and supports the mother-friendly causes you care about.

welcome, mama

We get it. As moms we have our hands and our hearts full to the brim. Motherhood changes us, shapes us, refines us, and exhausts us. It's the best and it's the hardest. You're busy with the kids, but are still you. Underneath the laundry and the second cup of lukewarm coffee, you, the woman who has always had a desire to be a world changer, the woman who is currently raising a world changer, you're there. 

You want a way to give back, you have the desire to pay it forward, but maybe you aren't quite sure where and how to start. You've come to the right place! Whole Mother Co. makes giving back to mother-friendly causes, and looking cute, easy. And hey, we could all use a little something easy in our lives, right?! Now if only our products could make dinner tonight...

who we are

Hey, mama! We're Tiffany and Kelly, two moms from San Diego who love midwifery, coffee, and  (clearly)  oh so much denim. 

Tiffany and her hubby have a son in college and two homeschooled girlies. She fills her days with homesteading, teaching and homebirth. She believes there is pretty much nothing that laughter (and a trip to the beach) can't cure.

Kelly is a mom to three kiddos, a midwife, and a lover of any kind of burrito she can get her hands on. Outdoor time, laughs over a glass of wine with girlfriends, and funny meme texting are some love languages of hers. 

We know all too well that motherhood can be chaotic. Yet it is the most transformative role we will ever participate in. It is about the whole experience. We have been humbled in the process, and will continue to be, and recognize how whole mothers lead with generosity and compassion.

You shop with us because $3 of each tank you purchase will go directly to a mother-friendly cause you care about.  

Our Current Campaign Recipient

Why did we chose to support ImprovingBirth for this first campaign of ours? The US fares worse in maternal mortality than most other developed nations. Despite spending more money than any other country on hospital-based maternity care, rates are actually increasing! Clearly, there is work to be done to help protect moms, babies and families. ImprovingBirth is dedicated to doing that work on multiple levels. Learn more about our campaign recipient here